High School and Middle School

High School & Middle School Baseball Boarding School

Knowledge and physical fitness is a major part of any well-rounded education. But finding a school that blends the teamwork and good health habits of Baseball with the benefits of learning good study habits can be a challenge, until today. Our school provides a full curriculum that will prepare your children for a life of excellence. We do this by combining an accredited teaching format, with the training required for excellence in Baseball. Your child will master the skills required for a strong academic and athletic career. Call today to learn more.

Summer, Christmas & Holiday Camps Ages 10-18

When your child participates in athletics, you know that excellence requires practice, training, and guidance. But for many school athletics programs, the training stops during the summer months or holidays, which can leave your child’s skills to grow rusty. But you can keep them in excellent shape and ready to perform at their very best when you book a spot in our Summer, Christmas, and Holiday training camps. These camps will help your child nurture and grow their athletic potential and teach them the skills to excel on any team. Call today to learn more.

Professional Baseball Training

Does your child have dreams of becoming the next great Baseball star? Do your local coaches tell you all the time about their talented potential on the field? No matter what level of experience they have, we can help them excel by providing training at our professional baseball training programs. These programs are run by experienced coaches and Baseball professionals who understand what it takes to find success. We’ll teach the skills you need to excel and will help guide you in the right direction to further your career. Call today to learn more.

College Baseball Training

Becoming a student athlete is a dream for many students. Between having the school cover some or all of their tuition as well as joining the rosters of their favorite college teams, who wouldn’t want to take part. But with limited recruitment every year, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd. That’s why parents and students alike visit our center for full college Baseball training. We will help you hone the skills you need and will provide guidance with making strong recruitment letters, videos, and contacts. Call today to learn more.

Our High School & Middle School ages 10-18

While many parents and coaches agree that early sports training can provide long-lasting results, for many athletes the real defining moments begin in their teens. In the years between ages 10 and 18, many students come into their own and develop the styles and capabilities that will carry them for their athletic careers. That’s why we urge parents and students who take athletics seriously to visit our center. We provide focused training for children ages 10-18 that will help you succeed from Middle-School to High-School and provide guidance for your collegiate career. Call today to learn more.

What to bring to PRoBASEBALL High School & Middle School or Camps

Documentos (Documents):

  1. Trajeta del Plan Medico - Medical Insurance Card
  2. High School & Middle School Application - Read and signed
  3. Examen Fisico - Physical Exam
  4. Examen Medico - Medical Exam
  5. Handbook - After being read fill-in first and the last four (4) pages
  6. RULES - Read and signed
  7. Licencia de Conducir de los Pardes - Parents Drivers' License
  8. Pantalones Blanco (2) - White Pants (2) - No stripes nor lines on the sides
  9. Transcripcion de Credito de la Escuela - School Transcripts
  10. Vacunas - Immunizations Shots
  11. Buy the book "The Mental Game of baseball"

What to bring for Camps, High School & Middle School? - Street wear outfit, pajamas, shorts, sneakers, underwear, T-Shirts, comb, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and other toilet articles. Playing equipment: White uniform baseball pants for practices and games, glove or mitt, baseball cleats, your own bat, batting helmet, pitcher's jacket, four supporters and cup, baseball socks {sanitaries). Required to bring their own catching gear.


Below forms need to be filled Before Being Accepted At Our High School & Middle School Baseball Academy.





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